Caregiver Connect is a new way to connect with qualified candidates before they actively seek a career change. Therefore, we understand that you may have questions. We answer the most frequently asked questions here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which ATS Caregiver Connect solution does it work with?

Application Tracking System is the abbreviation for this system. Currently, Caregiver Connect only integrates with AcquireTM. If you prefer to continue using your existing ATS solution, we can work with your provider to configure settings and create custom integrations. We can integrate your ATS with AcquireTM if it is from a vendor other than AcquireTM.

Who can you help me recruit?

We can connect you to any healthcare provider, from RNs to CNAs and HHAs. Are you looking for doctors or other unique job opportunities? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll adjust our listings accordingly. Contact our sales team to discuss your recruiting needs and we can customize our solutions for you.

What are you doing to generate traffic?

During the day, qualified candidates check their emails, connect with friends and colleagues on social media, and watch YouTube videos to relax. By interacting with your candidates on your own terms, we drive traffic to your vacancies. Through paid ads and landing pages, we introduce your brand to top talent to attract them before they even consider looking for a new role. And we monitor your campaign so you can better understand where candidates are in their job searches.

Caregiver Connect is different from a recruitment agency. What is the difference?

Unlike a recruitment agency that works with multiple clients, including your competitors, to get candidates, Caregiver Connect works only on your behalf. We don’t just connect with qualified candidates on LinkedIn. We also make your seats available in your inbox, on your social media, and in ads for your favorite shows. We connect with them where they are already to heal for a more natural and superior experience.