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Caregiver Connect is known as a Hope Grows/JAA program that promotes caregiver well-being. It was developed for caregivers at the Charles Morris Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. It is unique in that it helps caregivers dedicate some of their time and energy to their own well-being.


Through the connection between JAA and Hope Grows, Caregiver Connect is better equipped to provide care and remain mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy during caregiving challenges. Caregiver Connect provides valuable self-care and supportive communication tools that serve as seeds of hope along the caregiver’s journey. We are a local Register of Registered Nurses dealing with approximately 150 nurses who are pre-screened and have liability insurance. Clients hire nurses directly for a placement fee.

In our model, called consumer-centered care, clients and caregivers jointly define all the details of their contracts, including duties as well as compensation.

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The independent Caregiver Connect provides all levels of personal care, from companionship to hospice. We specialize in providing 24-hour, long-shift (8-12 hours) and overnight care for clients with long-term illness and patients receiving comfort/end-of-life care. They also have a limited number of caregivers available for short shifts and will do our best to fill as caregivers become available.

How To Register On The Official Site?

To enjoy the given benefits and services of the registration portal, you must register at the official website,

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the Create Account option.
  • Your browser redirects you to the new page.
  • It is first necessary for you to provide your personal information.
  • Next, you must enter your birth date.
  • Additionally, your social security number must be entered.
  • Lastly, you must enter your valid email address.
  • Once this is done, click Connect.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you once you have completed the registration process.

Follow The Steps To Login

Guy!! If you are unable to complete your Caregiver Connect Aurora enrollment?

Can’t log into the Advocate Aurora Caregiver Connect login portal and spend too much time on it? If yes, then don’t worry now that you are here. All your questions will be answered.

It is recommended that you read the article and then comment on what you think of article. After completing the registration procedure, registration becomes very simple and straightforward. Below are the steps you should follow for a successful connection:


  • Access the official Caregiver Connect login portal at
  • Click on the login button.
  • Your browser redirects you to the new page.
  • Fill in the requested information.
  • For security reasons, you will also need to provide an email address.
  • A click on the Submit button completes the process.

You are able to use all the services and functions of the portal after a successful registration. The troubleshooting steps can be used if you encounter a problem, or you can contact customer service.

Registration requirements

  • Login web address for Aurora Caregiver Connect login portal.
  • To access the Aurora Caregiver Connect login portal, you must have a username and password.
  • Web browser.
  • Laptop, Computer, Smartphone, or tablet with reliable internet connection.

Follow The Reset Credentials Process

Your username and password are not compromised if you forget them. Follow the steps below to reset it:


  • Visit to register.
  • Reset your username by clicking Reset username.
  • There you need to enter your personal data.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Afterward, you must answer all security questions.
  • Then, click Submit.
  • When you complete the above process, you will receive a new ID number via email.



You can easily and quickly reset your password after resetting your ID number.

  • Log in to the official Caregiver Connect login page at
  • Click on the Forgot my password button.
  • A new page will appear.
  • Enter the ID number you received.
  • Then enter your name and birthdate.
  • Press the submit button to continue.
  • Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’ll receive an email with a password that you’ll change.

Mentorship Program For Caregiver Connectors

Having a loved one diagnosed with prostate cancer and taking on a new role as a caregiver can be a stressful, uncertain, and frightening experience. They can tell you if you’re researching treatments correctly, asking the right questions, and helping you manage treatment side effects effectively. You may develop concerns about having time for yourself, asking for help, and getting to work on time.

We understand that while every prostate cancer caregiver’s journey is different, it’s natural to want to speak to someone with experience in this field. To facilitate these conversations, ZERO developed the Caregiver Connector Program, a peer support program for both caregivers and those who have lost loved ones to prostate cancer.

Peer support is not medical advice or advice. Rather, it complements and enhances other health services by providing the emotional, social and practical support needed for the prostate cancer caregiver’s journey.


Through the Caregiver Connector program, we provide caregivers of patients with prostate cancer with ongoing personalized support from a caregiver mentor. ZERO Caregiver Connect Mentors have taken care of your siblings, parents, husband, children, partner, grandparents, friends, and neighbors and are trained to support you. Caregiver Connect mentors can offer their experience and knowledge to help caregivers care for themselves and their loved ones.

To get the best match, we prioritize based on your top concerns and preferences. Let’s connect those who have lost loved ones to prostate cancer with mentors for caregivers who have also lost loved ones.

You have the option of speaking to your mentor tutor by phone or email for more flexibility in meeting your scheduling needs. You can count on your caregiver to listen to you, share your experiences, understand your challenges and support you.

The Confident Caregiver Method helps you:

  • get ready for care
  • build your team
  • Become an independent caregiver
  • Cultivate loving conversations
  • Anticipating life after breastfeeding

Caregiver Connect Support Group

Caregiver Connect is an ongoing virtual support group designed to help caregivers manage the stress and joy of being a caregiver. Everyone who actively cares for or supports another individual is welcome.

Provides Caregiver Connect with education, practical advice, and support. The group provides a safe environment for caregivers to share stories with others who are going through the caregiving process. There is no charge for this support group. The support group will be held virtually. Pre-registration is required.

Call 503.246.4672, send an email, or simply fill out the form below to learn more about getting started with our counselors in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties in Oregon and in Clark/Vancouver counties to find out in Washington.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Voicemails and emails are answered frequently, including on Sundays.

Helping caregivers in some of the following ways:

  • Learn to recognize your needs and prioritize them.
  • Identify your attention circles and how you use them.
  • Finding and filling gaps in care.
  • Asking for help is okay.

“I love how you provide practical care advice based on your own experience and knowledge. I feel like I have a coach who cares about me and supports me. What I appreciate most is your flexibility and dexterity and how you are always ready to show the next best step.

Official NameCaregiver Connect
Portal Type Login
LanguageEnglish And Spanish

Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re having trouble logging into your account, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – To log into your Aurora Caregiver Connect login account, open this guide in a new window. You can follow the steps while watching them!

Step 2 – Register by entering your Aurora Caregiver Connect login credentials. This information will be provided to you when you register or by an authorized representative of the site.

Step 3 – After receiving the “Connection Successful” message, you are officially connected to Aurora Caretaker Connection!

Step 4 – Signing in to Aurora Career Connect may have problems accepting your credentials. We recommend that you follow this step-by-step guide to resolve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ATS solution does Caregiver Connect work with?

Application Tracking System is the acronym for this system. Currently, Caregiver Connect can only be integrated with AcquireTM. If you prefer to continue using your existing ATS solution, we can work with your provider to configure settings and create custom integrations. We can integrate your ATS with AcquireTM if it is from a vendor other than AcquireTM.

Who can you help me recruit?

We can connect you with any healthcare professional, from RNs to CNAs to HHAs. Are you looking for doctors or other unique employment opportunities? Please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll adapt our lists accordingly. Contact our sales team to discuss your recruitment needs, and we can customize our solutions for you.

What do you do to drive traffic?

During the day qualified candidates check email, connect with friends and colleagues through social media, and watch YouTube videos to relax. By connecting with your candidates on their own terms, we drive traffic to your open positions. Through paid advertisements and landing pages, we introduce your brand to top talent to engage them before they even consider looking for a new position. And we monitor your campaign so you can better understand where candidates are in their job searches.

About Caregiver-Connect

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Downers Grove, Illinois, Advocate Aurora Caregiver Connect Health is a non-profit health system. As of 2021, 26 AAH hospitals and over 500 nursing facilities are part of the system with 75,000 employees, including 10,000 salaried physicians. The healthcare system was formed through a merger between Illinois-based Advocate Aurora Caregiver Connect Health Care and Wisconsin-based Caregiver Connect Aurora Health Care. AAH is an affiliated faculty of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.


In 1984, the St. Luke’s Medical Center and Good Samaritan Medical Center formed a partnership called St. Luke’s Samaritan Health Care. In 1987, the organization was renamed Caregiver Connect Aurora Health Care. In 1988, the Milwaukee Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) joined Aurora Health Care after partnering with Aurora. Five new hospitals were added to the Wisconsin healthcare system between 1992 and 1995: Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center (1992), Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital (1993), Hartford Memorial Hospital (1993), Two Rivers Community Hospital (1993), and West Allis Memorial. Hospital (1993). Medical Center (1993).

In 1995, Aurora Health Care acquired two additional hospitals: Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn, owned by Walworth County, and Trinity Memorial Hospital in Cudahy, which was acquired by Catholic Health Corp. in 1958. Founded. Lakeland Medical Center was acquired for approximately $16 million. In February 1996, Burlington Memorial Hospital merged with Aurora Health Care under a settlement agreement to assume the hospital’s liabilities and debts and contribute to an uninsured fund.

My Caregiver Connect Aurora opened its first hospital in Kenosha in February 1999, located west of the city. Aurora opened a new facility in June 2000 to replace Two Rivers Community Hospital.


That’s it for Aurora Caregiver Connect at Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it was of great help to you, but if you have any problems with this connection to the Aurora Caregiver Connect portal, please leave a comment. I’m happy to help everyone. Thank you!

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